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See What Stress Is Capable Of, Learn Ways to Manage It.


Cow stress – 5 major areas of concern and keys to reducing damage
You know the feeling of trying to do it all only to get stressed out? That happens because stressors build on each other. You might not feel it at first. But then one thing happens and pushes you into obvious stress mode.

That one thing, on its own, may not bother you much. But compounded stress amplifies your overall level of stress. It can grow to become detrimental to several areas of your mental and physical well-being. The same goes for cows.

The other thing that’s true? Stress is complicated. Too often, our industry focuses on a small number of stressors. More than 30 different stressors can affect the health and performance of dairy cows. So let’s break it down.

The five major stress areas
This article appeared in Progressive Dairy-Canada magazine.

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