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Chronic stress underlies many health challenges

How to keep your dairy cows chill Successful Farming magazine interviewed Jefo Nutrition’s Chris Gwyn about dairy cow stress and its deadly health challenges. The article covers how to spot stress and outlines management practices and tools to help reduce its effects in your herd. Chris says that cows can usually overcome stress from one…

How long should cows stay in the fresh pen?

Have you found a sweet spot for transitioning cows from a fresh diet to a lactating diet? To keep post-calving stress at a minimum, many producers provide a separate pen for fresh cows, giving this group more individualized attention, comfortable space and a specific fresh-cow diet. But how much time in the pen is ideal?…

Drought impacts on corn and forage crops and nutrition

Keep disease and stress away from the diet. A well-balanced diet ensures your cows are eating a meal that supports their nutritional needs. That includes a TMR with fresh and fermented corn and forages for silage. However, lack of rainfall can change your crops. Read about what happens to starch content, energy content, soluble sugars…

The impact of harvest on year-round performance

Changes in corn silage – 3 key areas to minimize nutritional stress. Vicki Brisson covers the growing period, harvesting season and feed preparation and how attention to details in these areas can help ensure quality corn silage and a healthier more productive herd. Read the article

How do ration changes influence the rumen environment and its microbial population?

The amount of B vitamins available to a cow changes with the ingredient composition of the ration as well as rumen fermentation events. Studies demonstrate the benefit of supplementing a protected B vitamin blend to improve performance and health. Check out this article that first appeared in Progressive Dairy. Read the article