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Another reason to mitigate heat stress: effects on bovine mammary gland function

Heat stress lowers milk production by 25 to 40%. The economic losses it creates are well-documented. Are you familiar with the many ways in which heat stress causes harm? Research shows that during the dry period, heat stress can harm mammary growth and reduce milk yield in the following lactation. Evidence also suggests heat stress…

Solve late-gestation heat stress that harms cows and their future calves

Active cooling of cows during the dry period relative to heat stress isn’t just good practice for lactating cows. Keeping cows cool during this time confers vital advantages to their calves. Read the research in the Journal of Dairy Science about the effects of late-gestation heat stress has on the immunity and performance of calves….

A measurement of the effect heat stress has on cow metabolism and performance

This study from the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Arizona quantified heat stress and its influence on dairy cow metabolism and performance. It identified the temperature humidity index (THI) for lactating dairy cows producing more than 77 pounds (35 kg) of milk per day. THI represents the combined effects of air temperature and humidity…