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Tools for minimizing heat stress

What happens to a cow when there is a rise in air temperature and humidity? Negative outcomes increase. Using a temperature-humidity index (THI) can help you identify the different levels of heat stress and how different ranges can negatively affect cow performance. See the chart that helps you pinpoint when to begin adjusting management and […]

An easier summer for you and your cows

Investing in nutrition and management during heat stress can provide a high return on investment. Cows of all stages of production can benefit from being managed and fed to reduce the impact of THI. Read more about the benefits of meeting your herd’s extra needs during hot weather, plus check out the informative Stress Threshold […]

Dry cows need love too – tips for helping them.

Heat-stressed dry cows will produce less milk, but there are ways to help them. It’s estimated that heat-stressed dry cows account for $810 million in milk loss annually in the United States (J. Dairy Sci. 99:9931-9941). Conversely, taking steps to cool dry cows was shown to add to farm profits. How does heat stress during the […]