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Test your dairy cow stress knowledge.

How many stress factors can affect the health and performance of dairy cows?

Stress factors can build on each other and produce all sorts of negative outcomes. The best way to avoid stress is to:

The owner of a 1,200-cow commercial herd in the Queretaro region of Mexico who was feeding a protected B vitamin blend with good success wanted to determine if a higher feeding rate would benefit his transition cows during hot weather. The study conducted on that farm found:

One stress factor can trigger additional stress, making a situation worse. For example, there’s a negative experience in the parlor for a cow. That stress then causes a cortisol spike in the cow, leading to a block or reduction in oxytocin release, which may limit milk let down in cows.

To learn more about dairy cow stress and help identify which stressors have the biggest impact on your farm, farmers should:


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