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Tools for Cow Handling at the Farm Level

SEASON 5 EPISODE 12 A goal on any farm should be maximizing safety and lowering stress for those working with animals and for the cows. Dr. Jennifer Van Os focuses on understanding, evaluating and improving dairy cow welfare from biological and social-science perspectives. She discusses the importance of ongoing training and active learning and shares…

Impacts of Stressors on Physiology and Health of Dairy Cows

SEASON 3 EPISODE 4 When cows are mishandled, stress and problems follow. Dr. Trevor DeVries explains (@ O5:46 mark) that research shows how mishandling cows and causing them stress – the clearest example coming from the parlor – can trigger a cortisol spike, leading to a block or reduction in oxytocin release that can limit…

Digging Deeper into Preventing Cattle Lameness

SEASON 1 EPISODE 7 Research shows that lameness can spark inflammation and stress in dairy cows, which can negatively affect all aspects of production. Karl Burgi, a leading expert on lameness and cow well-being, discusses the importance of having a proactive action plan to make sure animals are treated properly. From Locomotion Scoring to treatment…

B-vitamins and trace minerals in transition cow nutrition

SEASON 5 EPISODE 2 Research shows that supplementation of folic acid and vitamin B12 helps cows cope with challenges during the transition period. Dr. Melissa Duplessis digs deeper into micronutrients, plus shares other insights about transition cow nutrition and the important role B vitamins and trace minerals play in metabolism.

Digging into early life nutrition for dairy calves

SEASON 3 EPISODE 8 What can a calf raiser do to enhance performance and minimize stress? Dr. Michael Steele discusses early calf nutrition and how feeding for growth can improve overall lifetime production. Learn more about the windows of developmental programming opportunities and how early life nutrition and calf management practices can impact overall performance.

Increase milk production with farm synchronization

SEASON 2 EPISODE 7 How can mixing feed become more efficient and less stressful? Let’s look at a Feed Zone Model Concept to maximize all the traffic movements around the feed center – allowing the team to focus on the cows. David Greene talks about farm synchronization and reducing interference to ensure feeding efficiency.

Exploring B vitamin supply in dairy cows

SEASON 3 EPISODE 7 Nutritional stress may occur from an insufficient supply of nutrients. On the flip side, stress can also lead to increased nutritional requirements. We know that whether a cow is stressed during transition or heat stress or at peak lactation, it’s important to support her metabolic needs. Learn more from Vicki Brisson.

How does gut health respond?

SEASON 3 EPISODE 11 Gut health is a function of ration composition, and therefore proper ration management can minimize gut health issues and resulting metabolic stress. Dr. Lance Baumgard discusses how stress can lead to leaky gut which in turn influences milk production.

Insights Into Leaky Gut

SEASON 1 EPISODE 9 What is the role a healthy GI trace tract plays, and how do ruminant nutritionist beliefs about it differ from those held 15 to 20 years ago? Watch our interview with leading expert Dr. Lance Baumgard.